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, and experience an all new town life!

Minecraft PE 1.11.0: Town and Pillage

Finally, the developers at Mojang have launched the extremely expected Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 upgrade. It is nearly totally focused on changing town life. Currently in ... "> Download and install Minecraft 1.11.0 full variation with functioning Xbox Live for Android, and experience an all new town life! Minecraft PE 1.11.0: Village as well as Pillage Finally, the programmers at Mojang have launched the highly prepared for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11.0

upgrade. It is almost totally aimed at changing village life. Now in the negotiations, you can satisfy different inhabitants. And sometimes, you also need to protect them from the raids of burglars.

Crowds The majority of the initiative in Minecraft

1.11.0 was assigned to homeowners, robbers, and also a lot more. Inhabitants From currently on, the gamer, having actually involved the town, will no longer see the residents of this area acquainted to him. A lot more precisely, they will certainly be somewhat different in appearance as well as performance.

In Minecraft PE 1.11.0, each of them gets experience when trading, with which they can raise their level. With each new degree, new items for trade will certainly be readily available. Villagers currently also regrow their wellness when they rest.

Outpost Inhabitants

With the release of Minecraft PE 1.11.0, these animals have actually come to be somewhat kinder: they no more kill children in towns. However at the same time, these hostile animals ended up being even more powerful. For instance, vindicators can break down doors that were formerly made use of to hide.


The looting by the residents of the station is entitled to unique interest in Minecraft 1.11.0. While straying worldwide, the player may experience a tiny team of burglars. Amongst them will certainly be their leader with the matching flag.

If you eliminate him, the effect of the poor omen will be imposed. To eliminate this effect, you require to consume milk. If you see any type of village with this impact, a raid will start.


Minecraft PE 1.11.0 likewise brought some interesting tools to the video game. For example, utilizing a cartographic table, you can broaden or even replicate maps. And also on the stone cutter, you can currently cut various rocks.

Along with all this, the composter, smokehouse, melting oven, as well as barrel have performance considering that Minecraft Pocket Version 1.11.0.


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