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Download Minecraft 0.5.0 for Android: get acquainted with the nether reactor, piglins, painting, and glowstone.

What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.5.0?

In Minecraft PE 0.5.0 presented update, the developers have introduced the Nether World.  Zombified Piglins also appeared, as well as many previously unseen items.

The design of the game interface has also undergone minor changes. The player’s health indicator has been moved to the upper left corner of the screen.

Nether Reactor

Due to the size limitation of the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.5.0 world, the developers were unable to add a full-fledged hell. As a compromise, it was decided to implement only a small part of the measurement. A player can get to the Lower World with the help of a special reactor, which the player will have to build.

Piggies will appear inside the building, as well as many valuable resources of the Nether.

To activate the nether reactor in the game, Steve has to tap on the core with his hand or sword. Then the activation message will appear in the chat, and a kind of fortress of the Nether World will be formed.

After the nether reactor cools down, it can be disassembled, and then the extracted blocks can be used to build a new one.

Zombified Piglin

Zombified Piglin Minecraft PE 0.5.0 looks like ordinary zombies. They appear only in the fortress of the reactor of the Nether. Also, for some reason, the new creatures are aggressive towards users, unlike the PC version of the game.

Zombified Piglins are quite dangerous mobs, because they are armed with sharp golden swords.

Inventory items

The developers of Mojang Studios did not forget to add a lot of items to Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.5.0. The new things of the update include
Glowstone, watermelon and its seeds, and web.
Moreover, in the new update there were also writing desks. However, they don’t work for some reason. They can be get only with the help of console commands.


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