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Download Minecraft PE 0.15.2 Friendly Update for free on Android: real horses, stubborn donkeys, potent mules, and even slowing strays with hungry husks.

What’s new in MCPE 0.15.2?

Mojang Studios added two new perilous creatures to hunt the players in Minecraft PE 0.15.2. However, there are also some friendly mobs.

This update is called Friendly for a reason, after all.


MCPE 0.15.2 main new villains are strays and husks. The latter spawn in deserts and do not even burn under the sunlight, making them harder to defeat.

Besides, husks apply Hunger to anyone they dare to touch. Subsequently, you should be aware of that and not let yourself be beaten.

By the way, husks look and sound very similar to ordinary zombies in Minecraft PE 0.15.2. On the other hand, strays are identical to skeletons, although they have different textures and sounds.

Furthermore, they live exclusively in taigas and tundras, or anywhere snowy. They use tipped arrows with Slowliness to apply. The rest is comparable to standard meatless bodies.


The world’s generation has been updated too: there are jungle temples now in MCPE 0.15.2. Users come across these locations quite seldom, but they will find them attractive.

First of all, they are nearly entirely made of mossy cobblestone, another unique-looking block in the game. Secondly, there are at least two containers with epic loot.

One of them is hidden behind a wall of three levers. Activate them accordingly, and you’ll get to open a covered chest in Minecraft PE 0.15.2.

On the contrary, there’s a crate right in front of you, but deadly and intricately disguised traps are on your way. Pass them, and you’ll get the reward.

Diamonds and other valuable items are a common sight in it.

As you can see, the jungle temple is a rare and desirable location everyone would be happy to come across.


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