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Handguns Mod 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
Dubstep Guns Mod 0.14.0 – 1.18.2
Black Ops 3 Weapons Mod 0.14.0 – 1.18.2

Download weapon mod for Minecraft PE: if there is insufficient physical violence in the game, these addons will certainly be excellent for you considering that they include lots of new ways to kick somebody off.

What does the Gun mod perform in MCPE?

There is not that much weapons in the initial game, which is not a large bargain, yet some callous and also dreadful individuals would truly such as to see the enhancement.

That's exactly that gun mods do in Minecraft PE. They satisfy the dreams of the most callous players in the game. Physical violence is no great thing, but this sandbox game was developed for everyone.

Therefore you can find many fairly enticing adjustments that will certainly make your gameplay interesting sufficient without transforming you right into an unsympathetic beast.

Handguns Mod

This MCPE addon presents one simple weapon to the video game: it is a handgun. One of the most simplistic weapon you could hope for is currently in the players' hands.

You do not have to be rich or brilliant to craft a gun. All you require is 3 Redstones, one gold ingot, and also 5 iron ingots. Nonetheless, there is additionally ammo you'll have to look after.

One gunpowder and an iron bar would suffice to craft a clip. Later, nobody will have the ability to quit you.

Dubstep Guns Mod

It might seem ridiculous, however this Minecraft PE addon adds a dubstep gun, capable of significant destruction. Incidentally, there are several analogs for it.

It turns out you can boost each kind making it a lot more harmful and also dangerous. Typically, 3 kinds of dubstep guns exist within the video game.

Individuals ought to utilize them recognizing the entire risk: weapons can kill their owner in MCPE.

Black Ops 3 Defense Mod

Phone call of Responsibility: Black Ops 3 is just one of the most preferred shooter video games out there, and currently you can experience it in Minecraft PE. Expect to see tons of one of the most harmful and also dangerous weapon you've ever before seen.

There assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, as well as launchers themselves.

So, you won't get burnt out whenever sooner.

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