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Download Clear Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: create complex mechanisms from Redstone, add small details and other elements to the designs.

Clear Craft Texture Pack for MCPE

The Clear Craft texture pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is a type of resource pack that aims to simplify the game's textures and make them more minimalistic. This texture pack is popular among players who prefer a cleaner and more streamlined look for their game, or who want to improve the performance on their lower-end devices. Here's a guide on how to use the Clear Craft texture pack in MCPE:

Download the texture pack: The first step is to download the Clear Craft texture pack. You can find it on different websites that offer resource packs for MCPE, such as,, and

Install the texture pack: Once you have downloaded the texture pack, you need to install it. To install the texture pack, you can use a file manager app to move the texture pack to the appropriate folder on your device. This folder is typically located in the games directory and is named games/com.mojang/resource_packs

Enable the texture pack: Open the game and go to the game's options menu. Under the "Global Resources" option, you will find the option to enable the texture pack. Select the Clear Craft texture pack, and the game will reload with the new textures.

Enjoy the new look: Once the texture pack is enabled, you'll be able to play the game with the new, simpler textures. The Clear Craft texture pack aims to make the game's visuals more minimalistic and clean, while also improving performance on lower-end devices.

It's worth noting that using a texture pack like Clear Craft can improve the performance of the game on lower-end devices, but might not have all the features and items from the latest version of the game. Additionally, the Clear Craft texture pack is designed to simplify the game's visuals, so some players might find it less detailed compared to other texture packs.

In conclusion, Clear Craft Texture Pack is a great option for players who want to improve their game's performance on lower-end devices or who prefer a cleaner and more minimalistic look for the game. With a few easy steps, you can install the Clear Craft texture pack and enjoy the new look and improved performance in your MCPE game.

The Clear Craft Texture Pack improves the detailed elaboration of each element of the Minecraft PE blocked world. This is especially true of small details, which are usually difficult to see because of their small size. With this addition, the design of many structures is noticeably improved, take for example structures made of Redstone or sticky pistons.

Basic Settings

A Minecraft PE player can choose a design when loading a Clear Texture Pack. There are three options in total: classic, smooth, and customizable. To activate the selection, a player needs to restart the game.
The main addon option is configured for the following items: Redstone dust, Redstone torch, soul torch, ordinary torch, rails.

Animation of objects

With the Clear Craft Texture Pack, the animation of many objects has been noticeably improved in Minecraft PE. Among them, the following can be distinguished:

  • Visual differences in the stages of beehives;
  • The difference between melon and pumpkin seeds;
  • A bottom appeared at the pulpit, workbench, blacksmith’s table, loom, etc.;
  • Chests differ from each other;
  • The retexture of the dropper and dosing device distinguishes them from the dispenser;
  • Added animation of an oven fire, smoker;
  • The visual difference between daylight sensors;
  • Animation of the red stone lamp on and off;
  • Modified textures of the bottom of the chair, tables of enchantment, stonecutter, etc.


The Clear Craft Texture addon installation ia very simple. A Minecraft PE user should make only three steps to enjoy the game:

  1. Download the file from the link below;
  2. Unpack texture pack by the resource_packs path;
  3. Log in to the game and activate by clicking.


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