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The End Portal is a crucial element in Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) that allows players to access the End dimension and face the Ender Dragon. The End dimension is home to the Ender Dragon, a powerful and challenging boss, and completing the fight with this boss is a rite of passage for any Minecraft player. Here’s a guide on how to make an End Portal in MCPE:

  1. Gather materials: Before you can start building your End Portal, you will need to gather the materials you will need. You will need at least 12 Eye of Ender and a 3×3 square of End Portal Frame blocks.
  2. Find a Stronghold: The End Portal can only be activated in a specific room found within a Stronghold, so the first step is to locate a stronghold using an Eye of Ender. Once you find the stronghold, you will need to locate the room that contains the End Portal, which is usually located in the basement.
  3. Build the End Portal: Once you’ve located the End Portal room, you will need to build the End Portal itself. To do this, place the End Portal Frame blocks in the shape of a 3×3 square, and then use the Eye of Ender to activate the blocks. Once all the blocks are activated, the End Portal will be created.
  4. Use a Flint and Steel: Once the End Portal is built, you will need to use a Flint and Steel to light the End Portal, which will open a gateway to the End dimension.
  5. Prepare for the fight: Before you enter the End dimension, it’s important to prepare by gathering powerful weapons, armor, and other resources. The Ender Dragon is a powerful boss, and you will need to be well-equipped to face it.
  6. Enter the End dimension: Once the End Portal is activated, you can enter the End dimension by stepping into the portal. Once you’re in the End, you will be able to find the Ender Dragon and fight it.
  7. Defeat the Ender Dragon: Once you’ve entered the End dimension, you will need to find the Ender Dragon and defeat it. The fight can be challenging, but with the right weapons, armor, and strategy, you can defeat the Ender Dragon and claim your victory.

Keep in mind that after defeating the Ender Dragon, you will have access to the end cities,

the End dimension’s main feature, where you can find shulker boxes, shulker shells and Elytra, an item that allows you to fly.

It’s important to note that the End dimension is home to dangerous mobs such as shulker which can be a challenge to defeat. It is recommended to bring some weapons and armor that can help you in this fight.

Additionally, once you have defeated the Ender Dragon, you will have the ability to respawn it using the Dragon Egg, a block that can be found on top of the Ender Dragon’s spawn platform. This allows you to access the End dimension more easily and to fight the Ender Dragon again if you wish.

In conclusion, creating an End Portal in MCPE is a crucial step in accessing the End dimension and facing the Ender Dragon. With a little bit of preparation and the right resources, you can build an End Portal and embark on the ultimate Minecraft adventure. Remember to have fun and be prepared for the challenges that come with facing the Ender Dragon.

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